​​16 MAY - 26 JULY

Mercury Gallery​

Exhibition opening

Friday 12 June, 6.30pm

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Infrathin, Advice for Aliens is a mixed media work consisting of a set of 54 small paintings, 3 larger paintings, a book and a video.  The exhibition explores alienation as an aesthetic effect using the 'infrathin,' a term invented by Marcel Duchamp and linguistic play on the words 'alien' and 'alienation'.  Meaning is reduced to its most superficial, the aesthetically minimal and the surface effects of symbols and shapes in painting, moving image and text.  At the most superficial, the world is at the point where its power is also minimalized and the means of its production is accessible.

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Artist talk

Wednesday 3 June, 11-12noon

Tom Loveday will discuss his practice and works on display. Free, all welcome


Image: (detail) Infrathin: Advice for Aliens, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, overall dimensions 625x225cm