EXHIBITIONS / Comic-Gong-at-the-Gallery

​​​12 - 15 MAY

Gallery Foyer

Opening Friday 12 May, 6.30pm

Join in the fun and excitement of Comic Gong 2017. A day that embraces all things comic book, with activities at the Wollongong Art Gallery, Town Hall, the Arts Precinct and Wollongong City Library. 
Comic Gong Flyer.PDF

Cosplay: Sebastian J Smith until 15 May

A display of amazing and award winning costumes by Sebastian J Smith featuring Jafar, Yojimbo, Dark Magician, Vaporeon, Black Mage, Wasabi and Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII.

Cosplay flyer.pdf

Image: Sebastian J Smith as Yojimbo/Final Fantasy X, winner 18+ single entrant Cosplay competition, Comic Gong 2016