EXHIBITIONS / Boundary Strider Curated by Iain Whittaker

​3 September - 27 November

Gallery 1

Boundary Strider Exhibition Invitation.pdf
Boundary Strider Exhibition Catalogue.pdf

In an age where images and text are generated and disseminated at unparalleled speed and volume, when prime mythopoetic visual experience is either a distant memory animated by ironic interpretation, or belonging to the non-Western other, Boundary Strider arrives with a different vision - one where anthropomorphic and fantastic imagery challenges those perspectives which flatten a diverse, multiplicitous otherness by a wilful blindness and deafness to anything that does not speak in words.  A deep affinity with nature, coupled with the capacity to imagine a decelerated plural future, grounds and inspires featured art works. 

Artists: Lukifer Aurelius, Carrie Ann Baade, Oliver Benson, Kim M Evans, Martina Hoffman, Cameron Potts, Brusc Rimell, Roku Sasaki, Liba Waring Stambollion, Madeline von Foerster and Iain Whittaker

Image: (detail) Oliver Benson, The Exiles and the Path, 81 x 58cm, oil on paper mounted on wood, 1991 – 2011.