EXHIBITIONS / An Unbroken Voice

26 June - 12 November

First Nations works from the Collection


A collection of diverse and nuanced stories that speak to the ongoing resilience of First Nations people withstanding Australia's colonial history of violence, oppression and forced assimilation. While some works evoke a strong cultural continuity through custodianship and ancestral knowledge, others highlight the loss, displacement and trauma suffered by First Nations people taken from their families or incarcerated. Despite the vast and enduring impacts of colonisation, the voices of culture, Country and sovereignty echo both softly and vociferously as one.


Featuring artists such as David Nolan, Mitjili Napurrula, Peggy Napangardi Jones, Judy Napangardi Watson, Warwick Keen, Dorothy Napangardi, Mabel Dungay, Eubena Nampitjin, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Glory Ngarla, Kevin Butler 

Mitjili Naparrula, Watiya Tjuta, 2001, acrylic on linen