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2021 Winner, Highly Commend and Commend artists

WAG FLOW Contemporary Watercolour Prize 2021 Images of selected works.pdf

Walk through 2021 FLOW National Contemporary Watercolour Prize

FLOW, Wollongong Art Gallery National Contemporary Watercolour Prize ($20,000) is a biennial acquisitive  competition open to artists from around Australia. The prize aims to encourage innovation and experimentation in watercolour painting, including works on paper in watercolour, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink, and watercolour mixed media. 

FLOW, Wollongong Art Gallery National Contemporary Watercolour Prize 2021 will be judged by Dr. Andrew Frost, Writer, lecturer, documentary maker, Itinerant art critic.

Image: (detail) Wayne Davis, Botticelli Columns, Watercolour. 2021 Winner of Flow Contemporary Watercolour Prize